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Anonymous Asked:
Hey you seem do have a good sense of style so I was wondering if you could help me I want to get a dress for a date but I don't know what kind will suit me I am average height,very thin and twiggy,long legs,small chest area average behind and long straight blonde hair I just don't know what will suit my body type best? Pleas help ?!

My answer:

Hiii :) i really wanted to send you some pictures but I’ll explain to you the things that’ll be cute on you.
If you want to dress girly but still comfy and causal you can wear a white lace dress (a cute girly one) with an army jacket or a denim jacket and combat boots or whatever boots you’ll like to use another alternative is a floral print crop top, try to avoid the one color crop top and for bottoms use a circle skirt, this one need to be a one color skirt or the same pattern as the top with flat shoes and if you’re felling fancy you can use pumps.
I think it will be a good idea to make waves to your hair.
I told you what I’ll like to wear, but idk your age and idk if you’ll be comfortable in this outfit. Tell me if you like this β˜ΊοΈπŸ’• good luck with your date πŸ’œ

Heey :) hope you enjoy your stay in my blog
Feel free to ask me about anything :)

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